Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's time for Miguel Exposito to resign or be fired

Miami Police chief Miguel Exposito and his cadre of storm troopers.

Police officers everywhere have a difficult job. No one disputes that.

Quite simply, they put their lives on the line everyday to protect us.

They are the "thin blue line" between us and a criminal element intent on preying upon us.

We expect them to be everywhere.

Your wife has her purse snatched in broad daylight. Where were the police? someone will ask.

We see a couple of cops stopping for a cup of coffee and someone is sure to ask, why aren't they out doing their jobs?

And when crime runs rampant - as it has in some of Miami's tougher neighborhoods - we demand action. Now!

There are some among us who expect the police to wave a magic wand and sweep all the dangerous criminals off the streets overnight without firing a shot.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

In spite of seven deadly police-involved shootings in less than a year, I've been willing to give Miami police chief Miguel Exposito the benefit of the doubt.

The job he and his officers are tasked with is tough enough without someone second-guessing their actions.

Investigations take time. And besides, weren't all those people his officers shot, criminals?

Aha, if only the answers were that simple.

But today, Miguel Exposito crossed the line and sanctioned something that erases any remaining doubts about his judgment and fitness to lead.

At an awards ceremony for officers at Miami police headquarters, the chief dispatched his officers to stop Channel 10 reporter Glenna Milberg from asking him some questions following the event.

In a story aired today on Local 10, one can see Milberg follow the chief into a room with her wireless microphone.

One of Exposito's thugs blocks the cameraman from entering. But the mike picks up Milberg trying to talk to the chief and then we hear her gasp as one of Exposito's men attacks her, striking her in the sternum.

One of Exposito's goons blocks a Channel 10 cameraman from getting close to the chief

Tonight, in her report, Milberg aired shots of Miami police officers - including long-time PIO Delrish Moss - conferring and deciding how best to stop Milberg from getting to the chief.

It's especially troubling that Exposito would sanction this kind of action towards a journalist coming so soon after the same kind of behavior was aimed at journalists in Egypt.

It's at this point that some might ask: "Why is the chief running away and why are sworn police officers assaulting a 115-lb. mother of two?

Milnerg, in telling her story, was ready to give the chief the benefit of the doubt. I'm not.

It's time for Miguel Exposito to resign. And if he won't resign, the Miami city manager needs to fire him.

Click here to see Milberg's report and to hear her reaction when she's assaulted by one of Exposito's thugs.


  1. Well, I didn't see anything except the reporter following a line of officers in her attempt to get some answers. Where is the assault, Bill?

    Should the Chief be a little more gracious? Sure. Should officers be touching reporters in an effort to avoid questions? No.

    But a Nazi picture and "see Exposito's thugs assault Milberg" bait line when there is no such thing?

    Over the top, Bill.


  2. I had a feeling this would be your reaction Rick.

    She was struck in the chest, Did you not watch the video and listen to her report?

    And another officer blocked the cameraman. This is the kind of stuff they do in other countries.

    It's not supposed to happen here.

    If Milberg had struck an officer they she was struck, she'd be bailong out of jail right about now.

  3. Yeah Bill, you're only supposed to call Republicans,teabagger's,non-democrats and ohh, everyone else that doesn't agree with you for any reason whatsoever a Nazi! And don't forget to throw in some images of Limbaugh and Beck.
    Right Rick?

  4. Go ahead and show me one time, anywhere, that I have used the word "Nazi" in describing anyone, Anonymous.

    The floor is yours...prove me wrong...


  5. Welcome to the club of folks calling for this schmuck's job. He has destroyed a proud and effective police department. He looks more like the Mexican Sergeant from Zorro than a Nazi though!


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