Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Random Pixels photo class

I can remember first reading about something called digital photography in 1970 when I was an amateur photographer in New York City. It would be 30 years before I got my first digital camera.

There are some positive things to be said about digital.

But let's focus on the negative for just a second.

With the advent of digital photography, everyone with the $400 to buy a digital camera suddenly became an expert photographer.

But all the expensive camera gear in the world won't let you take better pictures unless you actually take the time to learn.

I can walk around the streets of South Beach and spot the amateurs without any trouble.

They're the ones doing this.

But there's really no reason why someone can't become a proficient and skilled amateur without too much trouble.

There's all kinds of great information on how to take decent pictures on something called the Internet.

And then there's crap like this.

Rick at South Florida Daily Blog posted that video today calling it a "seemingly brilliant way to keep your camera steady while shooting."

Sure...keep your camera steady while looking like an absolute dork.

But how's this for an alternative? I found this video (below) in about 10 seconds in which professional photographer Joe McNally also shows you how to keep your camera steady. No strings attached!

After you watch the video, click here and and listen to Joe tell you about the most important piece of photo equipment in any photographer's bag.

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