Friday, February 04, 2011

Postcard from Dallas

My Facebook friend Jeff Weiss, a former Miami boy and Herald staff writer who now lives in Dallas and works at the paper there, posted this pic of his snowy backyard on his Facebook page today.

I asked him when he thought he might get around to using that gas grill.
The real answer? Maybe as soon as tomorrow. It's a gas grill that doesn't care so much what's going on in the weather. I've cooked out there in ran and sleet and even some snow in the past. Now, I'll be eating *inside*, to be sure...You can certainly also say that in my SFla youth, I snickered when i saw photos like this. And now, sigh, I am one...1:-{)>
To cheer him up I sent this pic from my backyard today.

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  1. Talk about opposite weather! As much as I love snow, there's nothing like warm, perfect weather for going to the beach, or taking a walk, or just going out. I hope the snowy weather eases up soon on them!


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