Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Miami Herald still having fun with working on implementing new publishing system

This page showed up on the Miami Herald's website tonight. Looks like someone hit the "send" key again while testing the paper's new publishing system!

The paper is in the midst of switching to the CCI Newsgate system,which according to CCI's website "allows multiple newsrooms to exist within one NewsGate system.... The NewsGate data center will allow McClatchy staffs to review news budgets of sister papers and share all types of content dynamically."

No word yet on when the Herald plans to inform its readers that it's using the new system.

CCI's website has this quote from Terry Geiger, Director of Corporate Information Technology for The McClatchy Company: "As our news operations transform the way that they cover and deliver news to our readers we are looking to NewsGate to play a large part in that overall process. We believe that the NewsGate system gives our operations the technical platform and tool kit that they need to realize their vision for growth and efficiency."

"Efficiency" in this case will probably translate into more job cuts at the Herald.

One Random Pixels reader asks in an email: "will they now be publishing directly to digital first (or at least capable of doing digital directly)?"

Hey! You got me!

Perhaps someone at the Herald will enlighten all of us. Soon.

(More info on CCI Newsgate in the comments section of this blog post.)

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