Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The slow, painful death of a once majestic beast

Further evidence has surfaced today that print editions of newspapers - or parts at least - are slowly being phased out.

A friend - who is also a Sun-Sentinel subscriber - sent me this message: "Sun-Sentinel has discretely dropped delivery of its ON TV Sunday section to subscribers but prints tiny notices saying it will be restored if you sign up. Guess that means future Sunday content will be strictly on an as-needed basis. This doesn't portend well for other Sunday content, that's for sure. Like 'Do you want the Super Bowl covered?' And what's next? 'Like the comics? You'll have to pay extra.' This must be an attempt at interactive print media."

She's right. From the S-S website: "The ONTV listings section in the Sun Sentinel newspaper is now available only upon request for subscribers. To continue receiving ONTV, please e-mail SSReaderServices@sunsentinel.com or call 954-425-1031."

The Miami Herald, long ago, stopped automatically including the TV book with the Sunday paper. Instead it tells subscribers: "TV Book is not included in the subscription price. Please ask your agent to opt-in for an additional 50-cents per week."

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