Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Pixels recognizes...

...Miami Herald staff photographer Charles Trainor Jr. for his great shot of a pumped-up Chris Bosh on the sports front of today's Herald. (Scroll down to see pic.)

Oh, and congrats to Chris Bosh, too, on a great game!
Chris Bosh brings the noise for Miami Heat

By Greg Cote
He is by any definition the least of the Big 3, to a degree the nickname for the Heat’s troika of stars often seemed rather generous this season. On Sunday night the number fit, the math was right — except that the least of the Big 3 was the biggest by far, the best, and the reason why Miami’s downtown bayside arena was shooting sparks and electricity all over South Florida.

Chris Bosh’s 31st and 32nd points came on a slam dunk, after which the sometimes mild-mannered No.1 beat both fists onto his chest and, scowling, screamed, “C’mon!” into the joyful, sonic din.

“I just wanted to make some type of imprint on this series,” Bosh said afterward.


You know when you know you have a championship-caliber team, Miami?

When you are certain beyond any doubt?

On a night when your second- and third-best players are named LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

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