Monday, May 30, 2011

They said it

Here are some comments left on a forum frequented by Miami Beach police officers regarding the Miami Beach Memorial day weekend and this morning's shootings.

There's no way to verify if all the comments were posted by cops, but judging from the terminology and tone used, I'm sure that they are.

Some of the comments were posted before the excitement, and others after.

Memorial Day Weekend 2011
Post by guest!!! on 05/15/11 15:55:50
Before the Invasion starts any thoughts?
Post by Lebron Hernandez on 05/15/11 17:41:04
take care of each other. Remember there are camera phones everywhere. Don't rush into any situation without back up. Oh, and most important; stay away from the catered food (Though the cupcakes are to die for).
Post by Guest on 05/15/11 19:10:53
Make sure your tasers are charged.
Post by Guest on 05/24/11 13:08:43
Most agencies are limiting the number of officers they send this year due to events occurring in their own jurisdictions. Hotel occupancy is up nearly 30 percent county wide compared to the same time last year. All we can do is watch each other's backs and when it is time to take action, do it as a team and then move on to the next one. We can only deal with one call at a time. This is where have a Sergeant with leadership skills is so important. Sgts need to step back and ensure that his guys are taken care of no matter what kind of chaos is falling in around them. At the same token, Officers need to take care of their Sergeants and address issues as a team and keep their Sergeants informed. I don't care what anyone says, a strong squad can handle any problem without the brass getting involved and fking it up. You give me a leader as a Sergeant and I will follow him (or her) anywhere!
Post by Common Sense on 05/30/11 16:40:01
I think we all realized how we need more officers on the payroll here on the Beach. Most of us think twice before we 39 (arrest) somebody because of the response time for more 15`s (back-ups) and the potential for a mob scene. For the first time ever I felt helpless at times this weekend. Hire more manpower or risk getting this city overrun and officers hurt.
Post by Guest on 05/30/11 18:13:21
Would have been nice to see the Chief using this opportunity to tell it how it is and hold City Hall and the Ocean Drive Associations feet to the fire. The Citizens would have loved to see their voice heard for once. And if it came from the PD would have been an awesome opportunity. Public Safety should always trump associations and their twisted agendas.

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