Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's official...Rick Scott is crazy!

The other day we learned that, according to a poll, Florida's Bat Boy look-alike governor, Rick Scott, is the most unpopular politician in Florida.

My first reaction upon hearing that news was, they needed a poll to tell them that?

"So, how did he get so unpopular?" asked the Washington Post.

Well, perhaps the little stunt Scott and his handlers pulled today may help answer that question.

From the Orlando Sentinel:
THE VILLAGES – Gov. Rick Scott put his signature to a $69.7 billion state budget today but not before vetoing a record $615.3 million in what he termed "short-sighted, frivolous, wasteful, short-term special-interest projects" backed by lawmakers.
Appearing before a crowd of about 500 people in this heavily Republican retirement community, Scott clearly relished the opportunity to slash projects approved by legislators who had largely ignored his call for $1.7 billion in tax cuts and $600 million in new economic development money.
Shortly before Scott's scheduled 1 p.m. appearance, Sumter County sheriff's deputies ordered about 20 Democratic sign-carrying protesters to move across a street from where the governor was to speak.

Lt. Tim Nordle said that the public square at The Lake Sumter Landing had been "leased" – he said he didn't know by whom – and that the sheriff's office had been advised to move protesters to a designated area about 50 yards behind the stage where Scott was to appear.One protester, Charlene Walker of Lady Lake, who carried a "Support Teachers" sign, told Nordle that she would not leave and said she'd have to be carried out.
And there's this from the Miami Herald:
One group, The Villages Democratic Club, was barred from the event, told by a staffer of Scott’s that it was a “private event.” Other staffers and Republican operatives scoured the crowd and had sheriffs deputies remove those who wore liberal-looking badges.


  1. How can an official appearance of a governor conducting state business...signing a any way be "private?" Overbearing, controlling, non-inclusive---or insecure, afraid someone might "say something" to embarass him....This man is not ready for prime-time politics....

  2. Rick Scott is a handsome, smart, man. You just don't understand.


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