Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More questions than answers following deadly Memorial day shooting on Miami Beach

The Miami Herald's David Smiley is reporting that at least a dozen police officers were involved in the deadly Memorial Day shooting on Miami Beach early Monday morning.
More than 24 hours removed from a frightening pre-dawn police chase and shooting on South Beach that left a driver dead, four bystanders wounded and three officers injured, a number of questions remain.

Chief among them: Why police didn’t find a gun inside the bullet-riddled car, despite reports to investigators that shots rang out from inside the vehicle .

Sgt. Alejandro Bello, president of the Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police, said a dozen officers — eight from Miami Beach and four from outside the department — were involved in the confrontation with the still unidentified driver and the subsequent shooting.
Smiley also reports that "police did not find a gun when they searched the bullet-riddled car."

Police have yet to answer other questions, "including the name of the man who was killed, why police were trying to stop him, the names of the four people who were shot and how the three officers who were hospitalized were injured."

In other developments related to the shooting, Smiley reports that, "a CBS affiliate in Palm Beach reported Monday that a Riviera Beach man filmed the shooting on his cell phone. But the man said an officer shoved him to the ground and then stomped on his phone."

On Tuesday, Miami Beach police released arrest figures for the four-day weekend. Police made a total of 431 arrests this year: Sixty-six arrests were for felonies and 365 for misdemeanors. That's up from the Memorial Day weekend in 2010 when police made 341 arrests.

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