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The Arthur McDuffie verdict and riots...May 17, 1980

Cartoon by Don Wright, from the Miami News, May 19, 1980
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Thirty-one years ago this week, on Saturday, May 17, 1980, a Tampa jury reached a verdict on Case no. 369-7432-Z.

The jury ruled that four Metro cops were not guilty of the Dec. 17, 1979 beating death of motorcyclist Arthur McDuffie and the subsequent cover-up.

A few hours later, Miami erupted in flames.

On the Monday following the verdict, the Miami News reported the human toll: 15 dead, hundreds arrested, 5 cops shot.

"Dade County fire officials estimated that 100 to 150 fires were set in the first two days of rioting," Miami News reporter Milt Sosin wrote.

Miami policeman Pablo Camacho stands guard in front of gutted store
on NW 54th Street; neighbors claim police sprayed cars. Miami News photo
by Charles Trainor

For the Miami News chronolgy of the Arthur McDuffie case, click here.

from the Miami News, May 19, 1980

from the Miami News, May 20, 1980

Cartoon by Don Wright, from the Miami News, May 21, 1980

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