Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's what happened while you were at work today

I was never a fan of Michael Jackson and I'm definitely not a lawyer.

But I've sat through a few trials. Most of the time I was bored to tears.

Not so today.

David Walgren, the prosecutor in the manslaughter trial of Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, gave what some are calling a "masterful" opening statement.

But, what will have everyone talking is a photograph Walgren used in his PowerPoint demonstration .

As Walgren spoke, what appeared to be a photo Michael Jackson's body on a hospital gurney flashed on the screen accompanied by the word "HOMICIDE."

From ABC News:
A photo of Michael Jackson lying dead in a hospital bed was shown in a courtroom today and jurors heard a shocking audio tape of a drugged Jackson slurring his words so badly that he was barely understandable.

The photo and the audio were part of the opening statement prosecutors made at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the king of pop.

Attorney David Walgren showed a photo of Jackson dancing at the Staples Center the night before he overdosed on propofol and put the picture side by side with a picture of Jackson lying lifeless in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown.

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