Friday, September 02, 2011

Will Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito be suspended next week?

CBS4's Jim DeFede reports that Miami police chief Miguel Exposito may be suspended by city manager Johnny Martinez next Tuesday.
The days may be numbered for Miami police chief Miguel Exposito, after sources close to the chief told CBS4′s Jim DeFede Friday that he expects to be suspended following a Tuesday meeting with Miami City Manager Johnny Martinez. The charge is expected to be insubordination.


Defede said his sources say if Exposito is, in fact, suspended Tuesday, a Miami City Commission meeting will be held on Thursday, where the suspension will be addressed and, depending on the outcome of the meeting, Exposito could be terminated.
The Miami Herald reports
[T]he likely reason for Exposito’s suspension would be because he “circumvented” an order Martinez gave him in July when the manager wouldn’t allow the chief to demote three high-ranking police officers.

Despite a request from Martinez for more information before allowing the demotions, Exposito stripped the officers of most of their authority anyway by reassigning them to desk jobs.

To fire the chief, Martinez would have to show commissioners – acting as a quasi-judicial panel – cause, which is widely defined in the city charter as anything from insubordination to intoxication.

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