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Need a job? They're hiring in Williston, ND

UPDATED @ 7:20pm, Oct. 31 - The video directly below is from tonight's NBC Nightly News.

This is the second time this year NBC has done this story.

Scroll down a bit to see the story that ran on the NBC Nightly News in September.

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Williston, ND
UPDATE: Updated ND job listings on Twitter @myndakotajobs


Just saw this story on NBC Nightly News.

There's a town in North Dakota where there are more jobs than people to fill them.

Williston, North Dakota.

There are plenty of jobs here due to "the largest oil boom in recent North American history."

The unemployment rate is less than 2% according to this CNN report. (NOTE: North Dakota's unemployment rate is 3.3%.)

"Help Wanted" and "We're Hiring" signs dot the town's landscape.

The NBC report said even the McDoanld's in Williston - the busiest in the country - is so desperate for workers that they pay $15 an hour.

Of course there are a few drawbacks. It will be winter soon. North Dakota winters? 'Nuff said.

But the pay is excellent.

This AP story ticks off a few of the other shortcomings of working in a boomtown:
People come here hopeful, drawn by the promise of jobs. But they probably also utter a few prayers, or expletives, when they realize just how far from home this place really is.

Or when they see the makeshift villages of narrow metal-sided buildings rising from the plains — temporary housing to accommodate what many are calling the largest oil boom in recent North American history.

They’re called “man camps,” because there’s something else you’ll notice when you arrive in this upper corner of North Dakota: There aren’t a lot of women here.

“The best thing about a man camp? Uhhh, I don’t know. I couldn’t really tell you,” says Jacob Austin, a 22-year-old line cook at a camp outside the small town of Williston.

“I could tell you the worst thing about a man camp: It’s a man camp, and not a woman camp.”


Workers pay $400 a month, or whatever they can negotiate, for room and board at the camps.

Matthew Tjaden, a 21-year-old oil worker, has a degree is in recreation and leisure management. When he was in school, he was a Wal-Mart cashier and also delivered pizzas.

Now he makes six-figures working on an oil rig 80 hours a week. “I’ve paid off college and my car. I blew a lot of it, too,” he says, detailing some of those purchases — $4,000 worth of snowboarding equipment, $5,000 worth of clothes, a $3,000 mountain bike.

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  1. Don't come to ND.There is NOWHERE to live.People are living in Tents and campers and cars and abandoned buildings.Everything running wide open here. The police Force is short.Supplies are short..You can go to Walmart and the shelves are empty and if you find something to buy it takes 2 hours to get in and out.Who wants to go shopping with their family and drive up in the parking lot and park next to people living in their vehicles. People from EVERYWHERE in the world.A percentage can't read signs or speak english.Crime is high people getting robbed and jumped.Rent is up to $5000 a month.IT is freezing AND snowing here...People living in parking lots.This used to be against the law.Trucks lined up traffic terrible and dangerous.Don't expect mail service, it's lost or delivered to the wrong person.Public places are filthy, food is bad,no one cares as long as they are running through as many as they can and grabbing those dollars.What is happening to the environment here is a crime..death to one of the last remote areas which should be reserved.ALL because of ignorance and GREED.Congressman?? What are those? Oh ..those guys with their attention on the next election?


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