Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Random Pixels guide to the Miami Media Food Chain / Part III [UPDATED]

UPDATE x1 below.

The news swept through Miami like a tsunami at lunchtime Friday.

"Sources" were telling journalists at every South Florida news outlet the same thing: Miami police chief Miguel Exposito was to meet with Miami city manager Johnny Martinez next Tuesday where it was expected that Martinez would suspend Exposito.

Here's how the Miami Herald described the story's momentum: "All day Friday, local television, Internet blogs and newspapers posted online stories about Exposito’s anticipated termination, though there was no comment from the only person who can make the decision: City Manager Martinez."

And all day long South Florida journalists quoted their "sources."

From the Herald: "City Manager Johnny Martinez — the man who sources say may move to fire Exposito as early as Tuesday."

CBS4's Jim DeFede* reported: "Sources close to the chief say the chief expects to be suspended amid charges of insubordination."

WSVN: "Sources close to Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito have revealed that he expects to be suspended next week, Tuesday."

WPLG: "Sources say a move will be made to have Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito fired as early as Tuesday."

Miami New Times staffer Frank Alvarado thinks he knows who those "sources" are.

"I would find it hard to believe that their original source wasn't [blogger] Al Crespo," Alvarado told me Saturday.

While every South Florida journalist was breathlessly reporting what their "sources" were telling them about Exposito's impending suspension, not one bothered to mention that Crespo broke this news last Aug. 22 on his blog, Crespogram Report.

So we'll say what no one else will say: Congrats to Al Crespo on another scoop!

( *NOTE: Jim DeFede told me by phone Friday evening that he doesn't read Crespo's blog. )

UPDATE: A commenter points out that NBC Miami credited Crespo in reporting the story. "The news was first reported by blog, which said a specially convened city commission meeting would take place Thursday if Martinez fired Exposito."


  1. WTVJ credited Crespo:

  2. Al may be coming up with some bombshells but it's a shame he's using that platform to blog. That thing is a mess. I tried to find the August 22nd post but gave up after looking through the front page and archives [archives only covered posts to 8/19]. I don't know where else to look.


  3. Thanks Bill.

    This is going to be an interesting week for the City of Miami. I keep working to make my site more user friendly, but I don't know why Rick couldn't find the post.

    To make it easier, I've created a link on the right side of my front page that says "Firing The Chief..."

    Again, Thanks!

    al crespo

  4. Bill-

    I learned of the Exposito story because you called and told me Crespo was reporting it.

    I read his blog, which I normally do not, and then made many calls and verified it independently.

    I generally don’t read blogs because I can’t rely on their accuracy.



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