Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A week's worth of popular posts

Last Friday, a friend's status update on Facebook turned into the most popular post ever on Random Pixels.

On her Facebook page my friend wrote, "Enter this address into Google maps. You won't believe it."

By Sunday, the post had spread like wildfire thanks to an assist from Gus Garcia-Roberts at Miami New Times, the Drudge Report, a blog on C/Net.com, a host of smaller blogs and countless Tweets and re-Tweets.

Today, the story showed up on a Wall Street Journal blog, NPR's news blog and CBS News.com.

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Rounding out the week's top posts: An examination of the record of Miami's interim police chief, a critical look at the self-appointed, holier-than-thou, clueless gatekeeper of South Florida's blogging scene and a look at a funny Miami New Times blog headline.

Here are the links:

Trying to keep clean in Miami [UPDATED]

Meet Manuel Orosa, Miami PD's new acting chief

It's a Hialeah thing...you wouldn't understand

Miami New Times Riptide 2.0 Headline of the Year

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