Wednesday, January 18, 2012

21 seconds with Laurie Jennings and Calvin Hughes

Oh, to to be a fly on the wall in the office of WPLG news director Bill Pohovey as he watches his station's newscast every evening.

I would love to know how many times he cringes as he watches Laurie Jennings and Calvin Hughes - Channel 10's Dynamic News Duo - bumble and stumble their way through 90 minutes of news.

Here's 21 seconds from Wednesday night's 5pm newscast that pretty much tells you all you need to know about this pair.

Never mind Laurie's lame and totally useless observation about Kareem Abdul Jabbar's height.

Instead, listen as she uses the word "amazing" - as if she's an anchor on Entertainment Tonight - twice in the space of 8 seconds.

Apparently no one has told Laurie that "amazing" is on the list of 2012's banned words.

(Question for Bill Pohovey: Any chance you can impose a 6 month moratorium on Laurie's use of the words "amazing" and "incredible?" I know it's a lot to ask.


  1. wasn't it Laurie Jennings who, a year or so ago, did those horrible promo spots where it looked like she was standing beside a giant breast?

  2. Thanks for this post. I stopped watching WPLG news because Calvin Hughes. I tried a drinking game; taking a shot every time he bumbled a word in a show..... I got sloshed!

    For a while it appeared that management gave him written ad libs to read between stories as they must have been tired of his mistakes. He would always look down at his hand prior to speaking these.

  3. Don't knock Calvin Hughes like that... he sure is better than having to take a sleeping pill. Just 5 minutes of watching him is enough to make one fall asleep... His monotone is udderly ridiculous.. no personality, and when he smiles those huge capped teeth light up the newscast


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