Monday, January 02, 2012

Castro apparently not dead yet!

Twitter exploded this afternoon with rumors of Fidel Castro's death.

As I write this at 8pm Monday evening, the rumors are just that...rumors, with no basis in fact.

It appears that the latest rumors got their start on Twitter, as was the case in Aug., 2011.

Here at Random Pixels World News Headquarters we're monitoring developments closely.

It should be noted that  we predicted that Castro would die on April 10, 2010. Word is he postponed his death just to annoy me.

Dead or not dead, none of that's stopping people from having some fun on Twitter.

Here are a few of the best Tweets so far:
Does that mean I can I unfollow Fidel now? #castro

did Twitter just kill Fidel Castro?

Apparently Fidel Castro is either dead or not dead. Definitely not undead though. Delete as appropriate: My mistake / Morally ambiguous RIP.

Twitter rumors are blowing up about Fidel Castro taking the Penn State job.

If I read one more tweet that says "fidel castro dead? you're havana laugh", people are gonna die.

I hope Fidel Castro isn't dead! He's like a laid back Stalin!

Is Fidel Castro dead or is twitter killing people again?
By the way, this is the 53rd anniversary of Castro seizing power in Cuba...not that any of that matters.

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