Thursday, January 12, 2012

WPLG's Calvin Hughes struggles with basic facts

Calvin Hughes is one of the luckiest people in South Florida.

All he has to do is show up at Channel 10's studios everyday, sit in a chair and read words other people have written for him. And for this, he pulls down a handsome six-figure salary. Nice work if you can get it.

Hughes has been at WPLG for over five years, but, it's evident that his bosses don't require him to read a newspaper, or for that matter, exhibit even a basic knowledge of the market his station covers.

Hughes proved that last week when he twice referred to Miami-Dade County Hall as "city hall."

Hughes' bosses apparently got to him over the weekend. This week he's struggling mightily to show he's more engaged. Hughes is now asking more questions of reporters doing live shots.

But, he still doesn't know jack about Miami.

Tonight as he Channel reporter Glenna Milberg wrapped up her report from Miami-Dade County Hall, Hughes said, "Glenna, we know you are on the case for us, live for us at Miami county hall."

No, Calvin! It's not "city hall." It's not "Miami county hall." It's Miami-Dade County Hall.

You would know that if you watched your own newscasts or occasionally picked up a newspaper.

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