Saturday, January 07, 2012

Random Pixels presents: Courthouse fashion tips for drug dealers

This is not proper courtroom attire!

Okay, this seems like a no-brainer.

If you've been arrested for drug trafficking, you probably don't want to show up for a court appearance wearing something that might erase any doubt that you are, indeed, a drug trafficker.

But, the Sun Sentinel's Paula McMahon has the story of a man who did just that Friday in Fort Lauderdale.
A man accused of drug trafficking showed up for court Friday in Fort Lauderdale sporting a jacket that bore a cartoon-style recipe for cooking crack cocaine.

Maybe he was hoping to impress the judge or "crack up" the courtroom crowd, but the fashion police at the Broward County Courthouse labeled it a fashion fail.

"Probably not the smartest attire for a defendant!" said Michael Weinstein, a lawyer who snapped a cellphone photo.

The man's white jacket looked like a how-to guide for making crack cocaine, with a series of little pictures of a white substance with a spoon, a carton of baking soda and a little pot over a fire. The end product was a "rock," slang for the drug.
Witnesses, including the man's attorney Joshua Rydell, would not reveal the name of the man, who did not get into trouble for his threads.

Rydell said his clients still surprise him by wearing drug-related attire to court.

"Giant marijuana leaves on their T-shirts..." Rydell said. "It's so common that I routinely advise clients, 'No drug-related clothes when you come to court.'"
As stupid as this drug dealer's act of defiance is, it pales in comparison to that of a Los Angeles area gang member who had details of a murder he committed tattooed on his chest.

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