Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Alex Rubin
....Alex Rubin.

By day, Rubin is a marketing executive.

But, at night - "when the fun starts" - he's also a SoBe hipster who fancies himself a rap star and nighttime party animal.

On New Year's Eve, Rubin, and a dozen or so of his homeboys ponied up more than $700 to party at Louis nightclub at South Beach's Gansevoort Hotel; but they ended up being treated no better than a bunch of sun-burned tourists from Kansas.

Rubin - whose rap handle is "Rube" - and his crew got to stand "outside the velvet ropes while the rest of the world toasted 2012," according to the Miami Herald's Adam Beasley.

Seems the promotional company let too many people into the event.

“It ruined my night," said Rubin.

Rubin, as you might suspect, is pondering a lawsuit.

But he tells the Herald's Beasley “I’m not sure how anyone can compensate us for the good times missed and the bad times gained on New Year’s as a result of this incident.”

Sucks to be you, Alex!

Anyway, congratulations Alex.

You are 2012's very first inductee into the Random Pixels Losers Corner.


  1. It strikes me that "Rube" is a much more apt nickname than he thinks!

  2. @ whack-a-mole

    I'm guessing he has no idea....

  3. Reading the Herald story it says (and shows a picture of) the passes he bought say after 12:30 admission.

    He paid money to not be let in until after Midnight? Where did he expect to be when the 'rest of the world toasted 2012'?

    And your story was initially a little misleading becuase I thought he paid $700 for himself. (Not unusual at some of those overpriced clubs.) It was $700 total.
    He was only out $60. But what did he really expect for $60 on SoBe? Oh wait, he expected to be let in "after" 12:30.

  4. Larry ForteleoniJanuary 04, 2012 4:25 PM

    what a douche!!!!

  5. Holy shit, that song is actually really good. Did you listen or just bash as usual?


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