Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong - Aug. 5, 1930 - Aug. 25, 2012

LIFE Magazine photograph by Ralph Morse, March, 1969.

The Right Stuff.....
In 1944, Neil took a 40-cents-an-hour job sweeping out and hoisting cartons at Rhine and Brading's pharmacy before and after school. Every now and again he would ask his boss Dick Brading for a couple of hours off. This didn't happen often, because what he yearned for cost $9 an hour, and it took a while to accumulate that sum. Brading always gave him the time, and Neil rode off on his bicycle three miles out on what is still called "the old brewery road" to the Wapak Flying Service. There he would hand over his fistful of money to Charles Finkenbine, and then all but sprint to one of the light planes Finkenbine used for flying instruction.

On his 16th birthday, Aug. 5th, 1946, Neil Alden Armstrong got his pilot's license. He looked about 12 years old and didn't yet have an automobile driver's license. -Dora Jane Hamblin, LIFE magazine, Aug. 11, 1969

New York Times: Neil Alden Armstrong, 1930-2012 - Inspired Mankind With One Small Step

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