Monday, August 13, 2012

SoBe's Chris Paciello beats DUI rap

South Beach bad boy Chris Paciello won a victory of sorts in a Miami-Dade County courtroom Monday.

Paciello was arrested last February in Miami Beach for driving under the influence. Today, Paciello's attorney Michael Grieco managed to get the DUI charge reduced to reckless driving. According to Grieco, Paciello pleaded no contest to the reckless driving charge. Paciello will serve six months probation in addition to performing 50 hours of community service and attending DUI school, Grieco said.

Grieco tells me by email:
DUI charge [was] reduced to reckless driving. The other 2 charges (reckless driving and refusal to give breath sample) dismissed.

I provided the State Attorney with video [embedded below] of my client during booking inside the police station showing his sobriety. I also provided them with X-rays of his lower extremities showing evidence of surgical implants, making his performance (or lack thereof) on the roadside exercises questionable.

Chris Paciello arrives at Miami Beach Police Pepartment, 2-17-2012.

Chris Paciello in booking area of Miami Beach Police Department, 2-17-2012.

Paciello's legal problems, however, are far from over.

Last May, Jose Lambiet reported that a businessman had filed suit in Miami-Dade court claiming he loaned Paciello $150,000 in July 1999 and that Paciello had paid nothing back.

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