Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Smile...you're on dash cam!

The Ultimate Russian Dash Cam Supercut!

Question: What's the difference between the United States and Russia?

Answer: In the U.S. we put surveillance cameras in convenience stores. In Russia, they mount them on car dashboards.

If you spend any amount of time on YouTube you've probably seen a Russian dash cam video or two.

And there's a reason why there are so many of them.

-via AnimalNewYork:
Psychopaths are abundant on Russian roads. You best not cut anyone off or undertake some other type of maneuver that might inconvenience the 200-pound, six-foot-five brawling children you see on YouTube hopping out of their SUVs with their dukes up. They will go ballistic in a snap, drive in front of you, brake suddenly, block you off, jump out and run towards your vehicle. Next thing you start getting punches in your face because your didn’t roll up your windows, or getting pulled out of the car and beaten because you didn’t lock the doors.

These fights happen all the time and you can’t really press charges. Point to your broken nose or smashed windows all you want. The Russian courts don’t like verbal claims. They do, however, like to send people to jail for battery and property destruction if there’s definite video proof. That is why there’s a new, growing crop of dash-cam videos featuring would-be face-beaters backing away to the shouts of “You’re on camera, fucker! I’m calling the cops!”

Dash-cam footage is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law.

Read the entire story by clicking here.
Now, I'm not sure why this dash cam fad hasn't caught on South Florida.

Russia has nothing on So Fla when it comes to the ratio of psychopaths to normal folks. Hell, we might even have them beat.

And, there are so many possibilities.

Mount one of these bad boys on the dashboard of your car and drive up and down the Palmetto during rush hour or around South Beach for 3 or 4 hours on any weekend and you've got a hit reality show: "Coming This Winter from rakontur! SoBe Dash Cam...the Shocking, Un-edited Footage."

And if dash cams do become popular in South Florida...you know this can't be very far behind. (Scroll down.)

Click to enlarge.

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