Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac brought out the ass in everyone

Well, we survived.

Not Tropical Storm Isaac. That was a non-event, really. We live in South Florida. It's summer, it rains.

But the people who run Miami's TV news operations never pass up an opportunity to hype any kind of event if it will give their ratings a boost.

And their non-stop coverage afforded some of their reporters the perfect opportunity to make complete asses of themselves.

Here now, the winners.

Third place goes to Mike DiPasquale of WSVN: Explaining to viewers why he was standing out in the wind and the rain, he actually said this: "We have to be out here to encourage you not to be out here."

Second place goes Donovan Campbell, also of WSVN. Standing in front of a fallen palm tree in Hollywood, Campbell breathlessly told viewers, "I'm going to interview the guy who actually saw the tree fall down!"

But....First place goes, not to a TV reporter, but to the guy who dropped trou as a hapless Channel 23 reporter was in the midst of her live shot in Key West.

But, when you come right down to it, that jerk's performance was only slightly less mortifying than some of the TV types who got paid this weekend to make complete asses of themselves.

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