Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Random Pixels Losers Corner welcomes...

Kurt James: Convicted carjacker and major dumb ass.

...Kurt James.

Last week, in a Broward County courtroom, James went on trial on charges of armed carjacking and robbery with a firearm. He was looking at a possible sentence of life in prison if found guilty.

How did he find himself in this predicament?

The same way most wanna-be thugs end up in court these days: by being stupid. Only, in James' case; he was really stupid.

Local 10's John Turchin explains:
James was charged with one count of armed carjacking, one count of robbery with a firearm, both felonies, punishable by life in prison. He was also facing a couple of misdemeanors. According to the arrest form, James and two others held up a man at gunpoint as he was leaving International Brokers Realty off U.S. 1 and Pembroke Road October 18, 2010.

The victim testified that they got away with an $1,800 watch, his cell phone and a handful of other items. The record shows the trio tried to steal the man’s Mercedes but were unable to figure out how to get it in gear, and left in their own vehicle. They were caught minutes later after an intense pursuit through several cities.
But as is the case with most chronically stupid people, James apparently has no clue just how stupid he is.

Turchin reports that when James' case went to trial last week, he decided to represent himself, telling the judge: “I ain’t going to prison. You trippin’. I going to trial.”

That's right...a guy who couldn't figure out how steal a car, suddenly decides he wants to be a lawyer.

At one point during the trial, James admitted he was out of his league, telling Broward County assistant state attorney Scott Strauss: “That’s just how I talk, man. You don’t understand the street talk, how we talk.”

In the end, James' mouth and "street talk" may have earned him a very long stint as a guest of the State of Florida.

It took jurors only two hours to find him guilty of both felonies. He could go to prison for life.

Welcome to the Random Pixels Losers Corner, Kurt James. You truly are a dumb ass.

Watch John Turchin's video report on James' trial by clicking here.

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