Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming Sunday: A Sarasota Herald-Tribune investigation into failed Florida banks

Coming Sunday: Some great reporting from the investigative unit at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Breaking The Banks, A Herald-Tribune investigation

The Herald-Tribune obtained previously confidential state records to learn why 68 banks failed in Florida in the last five years.

Those records show that failed bankers broke the law, manipulated documents, enriched themselves and their friends - and got away with it.

Sunday: Failure in Florida

Monday: An acute offender

Tuesday: Nepotism and insider dealing

Wednesday: When regulators fail to do their job

The Herald-Tribune is the same paper that in Dec. 2011, reported on Florida's dirtiest cop, Opa-Locka police Sgt. German Bosque.

The report on Bosque by Herald-Tribune reporters Anthony Cormier and Matthew Doig started a chain of events that led to Bosque's eventual downfall.

Last June Bosque was arrested and charged with kidnapping "a man who wanted to file a police brutality complaint against him."


From Dec. 2011: Unfit for Duty - A Herald-Tribune Investigation.

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