Monday, July 29, 2013

For Just $2500, You Can Co-host South Florida's Worst TV Show

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If you've really been hating yourself lately but can't seem to come up with a suitable form of self-abuse....I think I may have what you're looking for!

The marketing geniuses at Groupon have come up with something they're calling the "Celebrity Epic Deal Series in Miami."

Here's how it works: For only $2,500, you get to hang out for an entire day with someone called Roxanne Vargas, who hosts the show, "6 In The Mix," which just may be South Florida's worst TV show, ever!

If you've never heard of Vargas, Miami New Times once described her schtick this way: "She elicits unexpected responses and humanity from guests who thought they were going on television simply to spend a couple of minutes talking about what swimsuit is best for your butt."

Anyway, for $2,500, here's what you get:
Co-Anchor NBC South Florida’s Six in the Mix TV Show! Co-host an episode with Roxanne Vargas on NBC’s entertainment show Six in the Mix. In addition to a co-anchor spot, the purchaser of this Epic Deal will also pre-tape a three-minute segment as a guest reporter, aired during the same episode. Work with Vargas for a day as she shows you the ropes behind the scenes, including full prep from her broadcast team and style savvy hair and makeup professionals. Two Epic Deals available beginning July 29th for a purchase price of $2,500.
Well, what are you waiting engraved invitation?

The clock is ticking on this deal!


  1. Still talks too quickly and blurs her words. Still has no presence. Still butchers the language. Still behaves like a high school sophomore. On the other hand, at least she's not botching traffic reports anymore. How does someone like this get and stay on the air? Was there a previous Groupon offer?

  2. I love how nobody talks about the fact that the $2,500 goes to charity. Do some research. If you would have looked into it a bit more I am sure this article would have had a different tone. Well maybe not. Stop the crap and trashing of talent already. The fact is that people love her. The simple fact that you all are talking about her and 6 In The Mix validates that.

    1. Nobody talks about the fact that the $2,500 goes to charity because nowhere on the pages I visited does it say anything about the money going to charity.

      Perhaps you can enlighten all of us by providing a link. Thanks.

    2. All I did was call the station and ask. I thought it might be cool to check out the station. Never been in a news room.

    3. Thanks for responding.

      By the way, you wouldn't happen to be commenting from NBC6, would you? I ask that only because your comments are coming in at the exact same time as I'm getting visitors to this post from your station ;) Oh, my!!!

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