Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Old Stuff - The Police Blotter

Here are some images I found in the Law and Order section of my files as I continue sorting and organizing almost 50 years of prints and negatives

Keep checking back for more news on what I plan to do with my collection.

Car crash on Collins Ave. (Feb. 1984)

Car crash on Collins Ave. (Feb. 1984)
(Click smaller images to enlarge.

David L. Paul, former CenTrust Bank chairman, leaves federal court in Miami on
Feb. 24, 1992, after surrendering on contempt of court charges.

Yale Galanter, attorney for OJ Simpson, speaks to newsmen
outside a Miami jail on Feb. 9, 2001. His client was inside
being booked on charges of car burglary and battery.

Newsmen wait for Simpson to bond out of jail on Feb. 9, 2001.

OJ Simpson walks out of a Miami jail on Feb. 9, 2001 with attorney
Yale Galanter.

U.S. Marshal at Federal Courthouse in downtown Miami in mid-80s.

FBI Special Agent Edmundo Mireles leaves South Miami Hospital
on April 24, 1986; 13 days after being wounded in a bloody shootout with two bank robbers that left two fellow agents dead and four others wounded.

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