Sunday, July 07, 2013

Facebook Photos of the Day

I was beginning to worry.

My friend Suzy Mast Lee, South Florida's best "Paparazzo of Pooches," hadn't been posting any of her amazing dog pictures on Facebook.

Had she lost her touch? Was she getting tired of shooting pics of dogs? What could possibly be wrong?

Answer: Nothing.

Suzy posted a few pics yesterday and today that allayed my fears. And they're photos that reinforce my belief that Suzy was a dog in a past life.

Folks...this is what being a dog is all about.

Welcome back, Suzy!

"Lucky, you will not catch me, because I am Super Piper,
faster than all dogs and photographers."
Photo and caption by Suzy Mast Lee.

"Someone save us!"
Photo and caption by Suzy Mast Lee.

I talked to Suzy today and she reminds me that she's accepting reservations for dog photography sessions from a few select clients who want more than just iPhone pictures of their pooches.

Amaze your friends and book a session with Suzy....Contact her through her website or Facebook page.

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