Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Solamente en Hialeah

From el Nuevo Herald's Enrique Flor and Melissa Sanchez:
A war of words between Hialeah mayoral candidate Juan Santana and the city has escalated after authorities disclosed that that Santana’s wife was arrested two years ago on charges of stealing an electric pole and cutting it up so it could be transported in a car and sold for scrap.

The disclosure came a day after El Nuevo Herald ran a story about Santana having filmed a verbal attack against him from a former police officer who is close to Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernández, the man Santana hopes to replace in November’s election.

Santana’s wife, Jessica Montanez, 27, was arrested together with Jonathan Román, 25, the night of Aug. 16, 2011, after placing half of an aluminum post in the trunk of a Nissan Sentra and the other half through the sliding roof of the small car. 
Carl Zogby, a spokesman for Hialeah’s Police Department [said], “We had never seen anyone loading a post cut to pieces in a passenger car. How could they think that no one would notice?”

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