Saturday, December 05, 2015

Bank robbery suspect shot and killed by Miami Beach police officer as camera rolls


Miami Beach police confront bank robbery suspect
Saturday morning.  (Click all images to enlarge)
Image taken from video / Marcellus Johnson. 

Via Miami New Times:
Dramatic video captured by a bystander and uploaded to Instagram [Saturday] morning captures a man being shot by Miami Beach Police officers in the middle of Alton Road.

The man had just held up a nearby Bank of America, Miami Beach Police say, and had armed himself with a straight razor from a barbershop before he was shot.

The confrontation started about 10:30 this morning when a hold-up alarm at the 1414 Alton Road Bank of America alerted police; the suspect said he was armed with a bomb, the teller told police.

When officers arrived, the suspect ran into a nearby barber shop and grabbed a straight-edge razor, says Det. Kathleen Prieto. "Shots were fired and the subject is deceased," she says in a statement.

Police have not released the man's name yet.

A video, uploaded by Marcellus Johnson, a Miami-based event photographer, shows the disturbing story unfolding. The video — shot in front of a framing store near 15th Terrace and Alton Road — shows a shirtless man clad in jeans walking down the middle of Alton Road toward officers with their weapons raised. Shortly after the man puts his hands on a police cruiser, one of the cops fires, and the man falls to the ground clutching his chest.

Suspect falls after being shot by Miami Beach police.
(Click images to enlarge)
Images taken from video by Marcellus Johnson.


Click here to see video in horizontal format. 

Click here to see longer version of video.


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