Wednesday, December 02, 2015

How Donald Trump hijacked the Republican party ... explained in 80 words

Can you read Donald Trump's lips?

I don't usually pay that much attention to comments posted under stories on newspaper websites. But I do make an exception for the New York Times.

Here's one I like a lot.

It was posted by a NYT reader in response to a long op-ed piece that attempted to explain Donald Trump's appeal.

But the commenter did a better job ... and needed just 80 words to do it.
Republicans stood by quietly smiling for 7 years while Trump did his pro-wrestler takedowns of Obama's nationality, not seeing that he was anointing himself as their spokesperson. Now he owns them. He's like a small-time crook who moves into your business and slowly takes it over. He did an inside job takeover of the GOP, took over the supposedly smart businessman brand without paying a penny for it. The ultimate Trump deal, stealing a political party right from under their noses!

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