Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Listen to Donald Trump supporter Jean Keil spew some Trump-inspired hate

Trump supporter Jean Keil of South Carolina

That's Donald Trump supporter Jean Keil up there.

She's typical of the garbage that gravitates toward Donald Trump: racist, dumb-as-dirt losers.

CNN interviewed her last night as she waited in line to hear Trump speak in her hometown of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where she works at a bank.

Now, Jean looks pleasant enough. But it's not until she opens her mouth do you begin to fully realize the kind of hate and ignorance Donald Trump inspires.

Asked by the CNN reporter, "Are you in favor of bombing terrorists' homes?" she responds, "Absolutely, absolutely....people will continue to reproduce and they will raise children in their beliefs."

Lovely. Gotta stop them from reproducing.

Watch Keil and some other Trump supporters in the video below.

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