Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is the Putz Who Stole Hanukkah

Sometimes you have to wonder if Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine ever gives any thought beforehand to the crap that come out of his mouth.

Here's the tough-talking Levine in the Miami Herald this morning kvetching about a Hanukkah parade that snaked its way through the city on Dec. 7.
"It's a shame that they jeopardized the safety of the police escort with their behavior by not following proper directions and laws. Whether you're Jewish, Catholic, white or black, Miami Beach has laws to protect the safety of our entire community, and they must be obeyed."



The parade is a 30-year Miami Beach tradition, but Beach cops were ordered by Levine's World Class Police Chief Dan Oates, to cite drivers for minor infractions.

According to the Herald's Chuck Rabin, "Officers ticketed 30 parade-goers, including several rabbis — for running red lights and endangering pedestrians."

However, despite similar tough talk in the past from Levine, a Miami Beach police source tells me that Beach cops have rarely issued citations to Critical Mass riders — an event where thousands of bicyclists take over entire city streets.

In 2013, Miami New Times reported that Miami Beach police often go out of their way to "embrace" the Critical Mass riders. "Police in Miami Beach and Coral Gables have taken to blocking — or "corking" — intersections for the riders..." wrote New Times' Michael Miller.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, this is how cops treat motorists during the holidays.  (It's enough to make a news anchor cry.)

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