Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now THIS is journalism!

While The Herald dealt with more serious issues on Monday, the folks up at the Sun-Sentinel kept their heads in the sand while dishing up multiple servings of soft porn on their website! Stuff they wouldn't dare print in their "family newspaper"...but hey, this is the Internet!

  • Jenna Jameson at Pangaea Nightclub ...a 270 picture slideshow of her lingerie party!

  • A 49 image slideshow titled "Arm candy: Wives and girlfriends of athletes"

  • And to go with yet another story of a teacher accused of having sex with a student, the Sun-Sentinel trotted out a 12 image retrospective slideshow on former Tampa school teacher Debra Lafave, who was arrested six years ago for having sex with a student. I guess they wanted to remind readers of how hot she is!

    Who says newspapers don't care about quality journalism?

    Not sure what they're trying to prove at the S-S. We're just here to report ... you decide!
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