Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You can't spell "cheap" without AP

From the LA Times:

"The Associated Press is trying to back out of an Old Media-New Media fight that it didn’t quite mean to pick.

"The 162-year-old news service will sit down with representatives of a bloggers group Thursday to devise guidelines allowing Internet commentators to use excerpts from AP stories and broadcasts."

Here's a related story in the NY Times.

So the AP is accusing bloggers of "copyright infringement" because they post 79 word snippets from their articles?

What makes this all so ironic is the fact that the AP has been "stealing" copyrighted works from freelance photographers --aka stringers -- for years. The AP also continues to shaft stringers with contracts that are the stingiest and most draconian in the industry.

Like the saying goes: "You can't spell "cheap" with AP!

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