Friday, August 19, 2011

And the Random Pixels award for the most asinine statement of the week....

Attorney Evan Hoffman

...goes to attorney Evan Hoffman.

The Miami Herald's David Smiley is reporting that disgraced former Miami Beach cop ...
...Derick Kuilan, who faces two felony counts of reckless driving with serious bodily injury and two of DUI with serious bodily injury, wrote in a grievance filed with the city of Miami Beach that investigators wrongly took his blood after the July 3 crash.
Kuilan, 30, is demanding that he be reinstated with back pay and benefits.

Kuilan and his attorney attorney Evan Hoffman, are apparently hoping that everyone has forgotten that Kuilan, in addition to being drunk on July 3, was also reckessly tearing around a darkened beach on a police department ATV before crashing into "Luis Almonte and Kitzie Nicanor near Fourth Street." Nicanor underwent multiple surgeries.

Hoffman tells the Herald the case has "been sensationalized. People are assuming that’s what’s already been put out there is true, and I wouldn’t assume that.”

So, congratulations Evan Hoffman!

For that asinine statement and your defense of the indefensible, you are the Random Pixels Asshole of the Week.

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