Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott gets a (fuzzy) new 8x10 glossy

Something happened yesterday that, once again, calls into question the competence of people Gov. Rick Scott has surrounded himself with.

Scott and his handlers have apparently decided that they are tired of seeing photos like this, (left), in newspapers and on websites. (That photo was shot by a wire service photographer last year on election night.)

So, Scott's office, as a part of the obvious ongoing campaign to soften the governor's image, released a new official portrait.

Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times reports:
Those experienced in dealing with the cranky, suspicious class known as hardcore news reporters know the best way to get journalists to do something, is to tell them they can't -- and vice versa.

So it's hard to understand why anybody in Gov. Rick Scott's office thought journalists would actually accede to their request that all photos of the new governor be supplanted by an official photo they distributed Monday (shown below, left).

It's as if they wanted to make sure we never used that photo ever -- except to make fun of it.

The email sent to news outlets said: "Please forward the attached photo of Governor Rick Scott to the appropriate people in your organization who handle graphics, layout and design.

Please use this photo of Governor Scott, rather than any others you may have on file."

Beyond the odd, controlling nature of the request, it's not even a photo of the governor in a suit and tie, which makes using the image for more official stories a tough sell.
But there's another reason why the photo probably won't get much use.

It's out of focus. (You can see the full-size version of the picture here on Gov. Scott's website.)

Out of focus pics are OK I guess if all you're going to do is post them on Facebook. But if you're CEO of the 4th largest state in the country, is it too much to ask to send out a portrait that looks half-way professional?

Especially if you're sending it to professionals "who handle graphics, layout and design."

I wonder if the person who approved the release of the portrait is the same person who dreamed up the governor's letter writing scheme or his workday at the donut shop? Or those annoying phone calls?

Note to Gov. Scott. If you're having trouble finding someone in Tallahassee who knows how to focus a camera, feel free to give me a shout next time you're in Miami and I'll hook you up wiith a professional, in-focus photo. It's the least I can do.


  1. And let's not forget the self-promoting robo-calls! I think his advisor is having fun counseling this emperor with no clothes ... uh, hair.

  2. It looks as though not only is it soft up the upsampled it about 500%.


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