Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dead Man Talking...Is Rick Sanchez teaming up with Emilio Estefan to do a TV show?

Cardozo photo by Steve Minor via Flickr
Rick Sanchez may be spending a lot more time in South Florida but it won't have anything to do with FIU football.

Veteran TV writer Gail Shister reports that Sanchez... in talks to host a syndicated show out of South Florida, to be shot in both English and Spanish, he confirms. Sanchez would have equity in the program, which will be taped with a studio audience at the Cardozo Hotel in South Beach. Target launch date: fall 2012.

Sanchez’ long-time friend from Miami, Emilio Estefan, husband and producer of singer Gloria Estefan, will also be involved in the project. Not surprisingly, it will feature live music. The couple owns the Cardozo, among several other properties.
Sanchez has other irons in the fire. He’s also talking to Spanish-language MegaTV, based in Miami, about creating programming. He met with the board three weeks ago. “They’ve got some pretty ambitious plans, and I’d love to be part of those plans,” he says.
Sanchez also uses the Shister interview to burn a few more cable news bridges and reveal a heretofore unknown Anderson Cooper man-crush: “You can’t win. I don’t care if you’re as masterful politically as Chris Matthews, as incredible in an argument as Bill O’Reilly, or as good-looking as Anderson Cooper. No matter what your skill set, someone’s going to be there every single day to blast your ass.”

Sanchez, who's normally very chatty on his Twitter page, hasn't posted a thing about Shister's story.

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