Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott's first workday: FAIL! [UPDATED]

UPDATED @ 7:50pm: The Miami Herald's Marc Caputo tweets that Scott's next workday may be at JMH.

How unpopular is Florida tea party Republican Gov. Rick Scott? He can't even make donut-lovers happy.

As part of an image-rehabilitation program for the beleaguered novice politician, Scott's handlers revived a practice by one of his (Democratic) predecessors, Bob Graham: getting out and doing the jobs of regular Floridians for a day.

Scott's first day didn't go so well. There he was, just trying to make some donuts at Nicola's in Tampa, when he was inundated by (surprisingly respectful) protesters from Pink Slip Rick, a group that's angered by the guv's pro-privatization, anti-public schools agenda (which Stephanie Mencimer wrote about for MJ). Check out the video below.

Wait for the fireworks at 46 seconds, when the senior mother of a schoolteacher gives Scott a pink slip and a timeout:

Mother: "You should be ashamed that I have to go out and buy things for my daughter's classroom because of a shortage of funds."

Scott: (pause) "Thanks for coming."
Gretchen, one of my Facebook friends sums up Scott's first "workday" like this: "Another colossal PR blunder--his slogan was "Let's Get to Work" not "Let Me Get to Work." He finally realizes he's despised and sets out to try to change that in the most absurd ways, as if ripping off a successful, thoughtful approach from a widely respected former governor would win him fans. Who is advising this buffoon?"

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