Monday, August 15, 2011

Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog

...has a new video our.

This guy does it all!

Tillman was in Miami back in February and the Miami Herald's Elinor Brecher spent a day with him.
He snorts like a pig, skates like a pro


In human-canine relationships, generally it’s people who have dogs.

But if you are Tillman, the world’s fastest skateboarding dog — you can look it up in the Guinness Book of World Records — you have people.

You have an agent, a personal assistant, a driver, a pedicurist, publicists, and a guy named Ron Davis, who picked you out of a litter of six English bulldog puppies and made you an Internet star — which was the last thing that the former construction project manager had in mind.
Although he wasn’t breaking any records on Friday at the Westwind Lakes Skate Park in Kendall, Tillman still drew an excited crowd of mostly elementary and middle-school kids who had spotted his roadies’ bus, emblazoned with Tillman pictures.

Davis and Tillman arrived in a rented minivan with Tillman’s “posse’’: bulldogs Rose, Lyle and Sully. In various combinations of fawn and white, the duffle bag-shaped dogs spilled out of the van onto the lawn, where they did what a dog will do after a long car ride. Snuffling in the grass like truffle-seeking swine, they snorted and slobbered and took evasive measures, as kids tried to grab them.

They’ve all been neutered.

“Some of the best dogs I’ve had in my life were from shelters and rescues,’’ said Davis. “We didn’t want Tillman adding to the [pet overpopulation] problem.’’

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