Thursday, August 05, 2010

Coming in Monday's Miami Herald

Apparently Miami "photographer" Carlos Miller is going ahead with his plans to hold a photographer's protest this Sunday at the Douglas Road Metrorail station as he continues his fight to guarantee every man, woman and child in Miami the right to freely photograph Metrorail security guards 24/7!

Random Pixels spoke with one television news director today who said his station doesn't plan to cover the big demonstration. He called Miller's antics, "white noise."

But sources at Miami's biggest daily newspaper tell me that they are planning team coverage of Miller's brave and lonely quest to defend the First Amendment Rights of every American.

Consequently, the Miami Herald has cancelled all leaves, furloughs, days off and vacations for its news staff.

"We think this is just that important," Herald executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal told Random Pixels in an email.

I'm sure coverage of Miller's protest will dominate much of Monday's front page.

Here's how I would handle the story if I was the editor. Because it's just that important!

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