Saturday, August 14, 2010

N.Y. Times struggles with geography

Ninety years ago, Miami Beach developer Carl Fisher had a problem. He lamented the fact that Northern newspaper editors "made no distinction between Miami and Miami Beach, three miles from the mainland." He hired a man named Steve Hannagan to let the world know that Miami and Miami Beach were two separate places.

But, almost a century later, there's still work to be done.

Even LebRon James has no idea where the Miami is. He thinks the Miami Heat play on South Beach!

And consider this headline today on a blog post by Phil Patton on about the new parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road.

Makes about as much sense as if they had written, "In Brooklyn a New Parking Garage Adds Glamour to Lower Manhattan."

LeBron can be forgiven. The New York Times should know better.

Note to Phil Patton: Come to Miami and take the tour!

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