Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Homeless guy panhandling outside a restaurant in NYC the other day asks a woman for spare change. She doesn't have any. Instead she lends the guy her American Express card. It really happened and it's your Random Pixels Feel Good Story of the Day!

From the NY Post:
A Manhattan homeless man had an emotional reunion yesterday with the kindhearted ad executive who lent him her American Express Platinum Card outside a SoHo restaurant, in what became a shining act of generosity, trust and honesty.

"I didn't have to thank him. I trusted him all along," said Merrie Harris, 45, as she hugged Jay Valentine, 32, outside La Esquina on Kenmare Street.

Harris lent her card to Valentine there Monday after he asked her for change. Most people who witnessed the act of extreme generosity doubted he would ever come back. But a short time later, he returned with the card, stunning many and earning Valentine the title of Most Honest Homeless Man in the City.
So, if you're thinking of trying this yourself the next time you get hit up for some spare change, the cynics at New York Magazine have some advice: Don't!
No matter how many hero stories the tabloids will tell you, here are some immutable truths of New York: Giving credit cards to strangers is a bad idea. Standing up to muggers with guns may be brave, but it will also very likely get you killed. Leaping onto the subway tracks and lying down on top of somebody only works in the minority of cases. (Best to get everyone off the tracks.) And dating Alex Rodriguez might seem like it will make everyone love you, but at the end of the day a bunch of asshole Red Sox fans are just going to end up wearing a mask of your face behind home plate.

Taking one for the team is always appreciated, people, but come on, don't be stupid.

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