Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jungle Island's Tiger Encounter!

Wow, what a day it was Saturday!

The Miami Herald is reporting that a "Bengal tiger named Mahesh escaped his habitat and was on the loose at Jungle Island for a time Saturday, sending hundreds of frightened guests and staff scrambling for safety and then cowering for more than an hour at the Watson Island attraction."
For Miami mom Dorothy Evans, there with two small children for a birthday party, the first sign of trouble came when she spotted the Gibbon on the loose in the park.

Visitors and staff soon rushed past, shouting, with park workers herding the guests in a barn area, where they were under lockdown for 90 minutes.

``We were really scared. There were people crying,'' said Evans.

The scene got so chaotic at one point, Evans said, that park visitors were knocking each other down. One child scraped his face.
C'mon, why is this a big deal? Didn't anyone - including the Herald reporters - bother to read Jungle Island's website?

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