Monday, August 09, 2010

This just in! People who work for the government are idiots!

It's no secret that stupidity seems to be a requirement for anyone who wants to work for the government.

Last week an idiot health inspector in Oregon temporarily shut down a 7 year-old girl's lemonade stand for operating without a license.

This week's episode of Stupidity in Government is a little closer to home.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a Tavares, Fla. woman was arrested after refusing to give an officer her name after she was told to cover up her wet T-shirt at a water park.
On April 24, [Janet] Lovett kicked off her shoes and joined her son at the Splash Park, which had just recently opened for its first full season. But after her T-shirt and bra became soaked, parents complained to a park employee that the see-through shirt was "offensive," according to a police report.

It's not clear why authorities were called, but park employees told police it was the third time in recent days that Lovett was asked to leave the park because of a wet T-shirt.
Cpl. Tammy Bozadjian said she needed Lovett's name to put into a city database.
"What kind of database would they put her in? A database for wet T-shirt wearers?" [Attorney Howard] Marks asked. "She wasn't there to cause trouble…They're either absolutely incompetent or they don't know the law."
Marks is representiung Lovett who plans to sue the city for malicious prosecution, false arrest, battery and violation of her civil rights.

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