Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeff Greene throws a victory party: Drinks are $8 and Mike Tyson is a no show!

This might be my last post ever on Jeff Greene.

Greene lost tonight to Kendrick Meek in Florida's Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. Meek pummeled Greene despite the fact that Greene spent four times as much as Meek: $22.89-million of his own money as of Aug. 13.

I can't remember the last time someone as odious as Jeff Greene - and who called themselves a Democrat - ran for office in Florida.

I mean, this guy gave me the willies. Maybe that's because even though he called himself a Democrat, deep down he was really a Republican.

Here's a transcript from Chris Matthews' "Hardball" show yesterday on MSNBC.
Two months ago on this show, Democratic Florida Senate candidate, Jeff Greene, said he could not remember whether he voted for Ronald Reagan for president or not. Well, yesterday on NBC, Norah O‘Donnell once again pressed the converted Democrat on his voting record. Guess he still can‘t remember.


NORAH O‘DONNELL, NBC NEWS: Did you run for Congress as a Republican in California?

JEFF GREENE (D), FLORIDA SENATE CANDIDATE: Yes, 28 years ago, in 1982, in my 20s. I made a mistake. I admit it. I‘ve been really supporting Democrats, voting for Democrats the last 27 years.

O‘DONNELL: And who did you vote for in 1980?

GREENE: I don‘t remember that, who I voted for. We‘ve had that discussion before. I can‘t remember. I can tell you that it was—

O‘DONNELL: Ronald Reagan?

GREENE: I can‘t remember who I voted for. I don‘t remember who I voted in 1980. I can tell you that I was—

O‘DONNELL: But who did you vote for in ‘84?

GREENE: ‘84, look, it was, look—


GREENE: I can tell you this, I supported—I remember supporting President Clinton.


MATTHEWS: Wow. I don‘t know anybody who doesn‘t know whether they voted for Reagan or not, Ronald Reagan. The people who don‘t remember must have forgotten a good part of modern American history. This guy is hiding something. I think he‘s hiding the fact he‘s a Republican.
Anyway, Jeffy threw a victory party tonight at a "run-of-the-mill Marriott in West Palm Beach over The Breakers, the iconic Palm Beach oceanfront resort where Greene worked as a bus boy." About 15 people showed up.
The St. Petersburg Times called the affair, "austere." This from a guy who knows how to throw a party!
And for a man who according to required financial disclosure forms could have assets topping more than $2 billion, Greene didn't even spring for free drinks. Wine and cocktails, after the first drink, cost $8.

No Mike Tyson, either, who served as Greene's best man. And, for the record, no deckhands spotted from Greene's 145-yacht the Summerwind.
So, as Jeffy rides off into the sunset, he'll have plenty of time to ponder whether or not he snatched defeat from the jaws of vistory simply because he didn't spend enough money. Because while money can't buy you love and spending close to $25 million won't buy you an election; it appears that $50 million will get the job done nicely!

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