Thursday, August 26, 2010

People's Bar-B-Que or Jerry's Deli...which is worser?

Looks like President Obama made a bad choice in picking South Beach's Jerry's Deli last week when he suffered hunger pangs on his way back to MIA.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that state restaurant inspectors dropped in at Jerry's on Tuesday.
The restaurant where President Barack Obama ordered takeout pastrami sandwiches last week was cited Tuesday by a state inspector for critical violations of sanitation and safety laws.
On Aug. 24, a state inspector from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation found 26 critical violations.

Jerry’s Famous Deli co-owner Jason Starkman said of the violations, “It’s the state’s job to find them. It’s our responsibility to clean it up and fix it. And that’s what we do. If they question something, I will throw it away. I don’t risk anything or take chances.”

The inspector halted the sale of cooked meat balls, found potentially hazardous raw and cooked foods kept at improper temperatures and noted bare-hand contact of bread by employees and improper hand washing, among other violations.

It’s not the first time Jerry’s Famous Deli has been cited by authorities.

Last May, an inspector found “potatoes contaminated by dirty water from a broken cooler;” and “precooked beef and chickens left outside from night before out of temperature and bad oder (sic);” among 19 critical violations at the restaurant. After that visit, a manager said the meat was discarded.
Jerry's joins Overtown's landmark People's Bar-B-Que on a list of South Florida eateries you don't want to be caught dead in!

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