Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: WLRN's 3 Year Plan to 'Reinvent' Its Future

If you listen to WLRN and your idea of fun is playing the "Phil Latzman Drinking Game"*, then you're in luck.

Starting on July 1, WLRN is embarking on a three-year plan to "reinvent its future."
"Our goal is to make WLRN the round-the-clock pervasive and constant source of news and information about and of interest to South Florida."

"Our goal is to be a major-market public media news juggernaut that has no equal." - WLRN 2016: News Is Our Future

So, I wonder if a "News Juggernaut" is something like that "24/7Information Specialists" thingy the Herald's got going on?

(*Phil Latzman Drinking Game: Do a shot every time Phil Latzman utters the words "Florida Legislature.")

More details on the upcoming "News Juggernaut" in the document embedded below.


  1. Jesus. 30 pages of mumbo jumbo.

    That has Dan Grech written all over it. Smart guy, but total twerp.

  2. this is a plan to privatize and get rid of union employees and is a hostile takeover from within

    AFSCME Local 1184 Release WLRN employees to allow radio/tv union to represent them


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