Friday, February 15, 2013

The story the Miami Herald won't print

Here's an interesting story by CNNMoney writer Jose Pagliery on the "two versions" of Micky Arison. And it's one you probably won't be seeing anytime soon in the pages of the Miami Herald.
There are two versions of Micky Arison.

One is the billionaire deeply involved in the success of his professional basketball team, the Miami Heat. That Arison is close with the players, attends nearly every home game and talks often about the team on Twitter.

The other is the CEO of cruise company Carnival (CCL) -- he remains largely silent during company disasters.

It happened in 2010, when an engine fire knocked a cruise ship offline and forced nearly 4,500 to spend three days stranded in the Pacific. It happened last year during the Costa Concordia shipwreck, which killed 32 off the coast of Italy.

And it's happening again.
The reason you won't see this story in the Herald? What? And risk pissing-off one of Miami's most powerful men? Are you serious?

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Is Carnival's Micky Arison a Greedy Corporate Pig?

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